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04 December 2008 @ 02:01 pm
I'm so happy Shin from Dennou Romeo is in a band again!! ><; Ah, it was a long wait, wasn't it? I wish I could see their first live 泣泣泣 T________T
Thanks aonorisou for making up their new community! ★ ::joinjoin::
(Although the layout isn't viewing right for me! T_T)

I also have a community for Shin's former band Dennou Romeo at dennou_romeo please check it if you haven't!! There's many pictures and infos about Shin there~

Here's their profile info from OHP in case you don't understand Japanese~

★VOCAL: Shin
Birthday - September 4
Blood Type - B
Hobby - Shopping(Clothes)
Color - Black
Perfume - I don't use it
Cigarette - I don't smoke

★GUITAR: Tsukasa
Birthday - January 3
Blood Type - B
Hobby - Anime
Color - Black/Purple/Pink
Perfume - Magic to Love
Cigarette - Mild Seven D-Spec Super Lights 6mg Pianissimo peche

★Guitar: Yumeji
Birthday - February 5
Blood Type - B
Hobby - Motorcycle/Travel/Alcohol
Color - Black
Perfume - Chanel (Chance)
Cigarette - hi-lite Rum Menthol

★Drums: MINAMI
Birthday - September 13
Blood Type - B
Hobby - Custom Cars/Drive/Darts/Cell Phone
Color - Wine-red/Silver
Perfume - Bvlgari
Cigarette - Lucky Strike

Intro from VISUNAVI:
"Activation December 2008.
They will begin activities with Yokohama and Tokyo as their center.
With their cultivated sound in hand, they will allow you to experience their development thus far.
There's no mistake that they will become the scene's eye of the typhoon!!"

It's amazing they're all blood type Bs!! B-type is known for having a strong mind and the will to complete their goals so I know they have been/will be working very hard!
02 December 2008 @ 09:57 pm

Hello to you all !

rhyoliteunite  is a Community related to the new formed band 『RHYOLITE』 (ライオライト)  .

The band is formed by

vocal→  シン (Shin) - ex. Akihabara Shounendan Dennou Romeo
guitar→  夢時 (Yumeji) - ex. Mello
guitar→  つかさ (Tsukasa) - ex. bis
drums→  MINAMI - ex. Grimm, MASK

official site